Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Guilty Pleasure...

Between the gay club anthems playing in the store and vintage-porn-looking hunks modeling barely-there clothes at the shopfront, Abercrombie & Fitch's marketing strategy has always been super-gay. But though their aderts ooze homoerotic appeal, they've never actually gone and shown us the full monty, the real act of affection between two hot dudes. Until NOW!

Thanks to my friend Kris, who alerted me of a series of Bruce Weber-directed which feature your standard buff A&F jocks 'training' for wrestling: Basketball is what boys do during men's wrestling season, After you've wrestled everything else in life seems easy, Live, Eat and Sleep Wrestling.

And the most explicit one, titled Other sports require one ball. Wrestling requires two, features two toned 'wrestlers' sparring in the shower and then, voila, kissing one another.

Hmm, do you think A&F will actually run these adverts in the store, or did Weber take it too far for them to?

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