Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's A Wonderful Day...

Yesterday was a good day. Partly because my long-awaited sofa has finally arrived, which fitted through my front door smoothly without any struggle, and partly because I spent a productive day with Peter Pan.

Yes we are still seeing each other, but without all the kissing love stuff. We had lunch, we fixed my new shower screen, we watched a dvd, we assembled the sofa, we had dinner at the local Spanish restaurant and finished the day with a honest open talk about us. It's the talk that I've been waiting for the past couple of weeks.

In short, I told him my feeling towards him and questions that had been going through my head since the morning I received his text, while he revealed to me that despite how much he liked me, he's not in the right frame of mind to start a relationship, and he didn't wanna lead me on to think/feel/it could or would be anything else.

He didn't stay over (just like the past couple of weeks) but we had a long hug goodbye in the rain. How do I feel?

Relieved =]


Jeremiah Andrews said...

Well you know, maybe you will grow together and in time that missing key will turn up. You never know. I am all for staying friends and spending quality time together instead of pining what we don't have right?

I would rather spend quality time with someone I like rather than being alone. I would keep up the communication and I would also stay away from expectations for the time being.

Be good to yourself.


b3nc0 said...

Hi cupcake,
I'm somewhat/kinda/sorta relieved, I guess ='\

Seriously, you know we all root for you, dreading the bad news, expecting happy outcomes, wishing you the best… So we're glad you came to some understanding with Peter Pan & if it's in friendship, friendship it is (I'm particularly pleased that you could keep that).

& as Jeremy said, 'You never know' b^^

b3nc0 said...

Hi again,
BTW, nice pouffe, could we got a solo pic of it?
Pretty pleeeaaaze? 8°C

Jiann said...

It is hard to comment without stepping into the territory of judging's someone else's life.

We don't really know what had happened between you and your Peter Pan. But if a guy is not interested in a relationship while you are, it is best just get a move on and don't look back. There are good things awaiting you ahead.

Anonymous said...

lol..I can so relate to n my ex broke up about 3 months ago n we continued to goto gym together n it's nice now that we can talk about us dating other ppl..u'll come around it big guy ;)