Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chad 4 Gold...

Swimming is one of my favorite events in the Olympics, and tonight my BIG congratulations go to Chad le Clos, the cute 20-year-old South African, who won the 200m Butterfly.

When Chad won that gold ahead of his 'swimming hero' Michael Phelps, it's honestly the greatest thing I've watched since the Games started. It's so heartwarming and inspiring!

His family are wonderful too, especially his dad! Oh his dad was so funny and it's beautiful to see him so happy for his son and the interview with him lit up my day!

It's just so great to see Chad win, and when he started crying on the podium, I almost started too, because this is what the Olympics is all about, making dreams come true. Well done Chad!


Westernstock said...

Your feeling for Chad's crying made me cry too

Spicy_D69 said...

Way to go Chad! ;)