Saturday, July 28, 2012

LONDON 2012...

Wow! Did you all watch the London 2012 Opening Ceremony? Did you like it? For me, I think Danny Boyle and his team did a SUPERB job and I absolutely, totally, utterly LOVED it to bits!

Before last night, I was a little skeptical about Britain's ability to put on a spectacular opening ceremony, but my skepticism soon ended when I saw the five giant Olympic rings appeared in mid-air, newly forged, still sparking and glowing from the furnace! What a breathtaking scene!

Besides that, I also enjoyed James Bond and the Queen parachuting out of the helicopter, Voldemort battling with Mary Poppins, Mr. Bean and the London Symphony Orchestra playing Chariots of Fire, and of course the climax, the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron by not one, but seven teenage British athletes. What a magical yet symbolic scene of the entire ceremony! Well done Great Britain for a truely British show!

And last but not least, I wanna wish all the athletes of the London 2012 Olympic Games the very best of luck and enjoy the fantastic London =]


Jeremy said...

it was GREAT !

Anonymous said...

to the athletes of the 30th olympiad of the modern era---work hard in the spirit of intenational honest competition ---show love for the sport --compassion for your adversary---and tru clean competitiveness---TO HER ROYAL MAJESTY--- YOU MADAM HAVE PROVEN THAT WE ABOVE THE AGE OF 65 CAN BE FUN---HIP HIP HIP HORRAH FOR YOU MADAM---TO THE PEOPLE OF THE U.K.--how dare anyone question your ability to pull it off----A NATION THAT STOOD UP TO HITLER AS YOU DID---CAN SURELY STAND UNITED IN THE FACE OF JOY----MITT THE TWIITTis a shame we ameicans will not long bear---SO FAR THE BEST GAMES EVER-501