Sunday, July 08, 2012

Show Us Ur PRIDE...

Hi guys! Here is my special update of Pride London 2012 from Cologne. And yes I'm on holiday (again) in Germany till Thursday!.

Anyway, despite the 'cost-cut' and 'scale-down' of this year's Pride, I had lots of FUN this year. Once again, I volunteered to be a steward, but this year instead of stationing in one point on the parade route, we were allocated to walk alongside with the parade and act as a human barrier, which I think it's a brilliant idea (no more silly fences)!

I just hope the weather will be better for next year's Pride and that they can have the floats back as well. Well done London =]


Anonymous said...

Hey I saw you on Saturday - I was with one of the lots in your photos. :)

PR8 said...

Which one is you?