Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Still Or Sparkling...

So, you went on a date, you thought the date went well, you both had fun and a laugh, you said goodbye to each other +/- a hug or a kiss on the cheek. Then you texted him afterward and told him that you were interested to meet again, but he messaged back say, "You're sweet. But I didn't feel sparks."


I'm sorry about my language guys, but seriously and realistically, does a 'SPARK' always happen instantly on the first meet? Do you need to have a 'SPARK' to meet the person the second time? Can't a 'SPARK' develop slowly though time? And how could you possibly tell the f*cking 'SPARK' is gonna last? Time to move on my friend...

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Jeremiah Andrews said...

Was he looking for fireworks on the first date? Geez ...

Seems this guy had more expectation of you that maybe you weren't made aware of.

I think a "spark" can happen immediately and maybe take a few dates to happen. I guess this last guy was a one date wonder.

I wouldn't let it get you down. Just add that to your library of WTF ???

Someone should buy you some glitter so that you offer a spark on the first date ... SPARKLE PLENTY !!!

Chin up, there are plenty of fish in the sea, in a few weeks there will be millions added to that sea for the Olympics so fret not.

It will be exciting I am sure.