Monday, August 13, 2012


The event I had talked so much about, got so exited about, counted down to the very second of has finally ended. Just like that. That makes me sad but I will forever be grateful for the memories it has left me with. I have witnessed many great and historical moments that I will keep with me for for the rest of my life.

For instance, the moment Gemma Gibbons looked up to the sky and mouthed 'I love you mum' after her Silver medal win in the women’s 78kg Judo final, Bert Le Clos’ interview with Claire Balding after Chad beat his all time hero Michael Phelps, Michael's facial expression after winning his last ever Olympic gold medal, watching a British-Somalian Muslim made British athletics history, Team GB diving team jumping into the pool with complete and utter joy on their faces after Tom muchly deserved Olympic Bronze medal win, watching our home nation absolutely destroyed the cycling track, watching Katherine Grainger won that long long awaited Gold medal, The Queen looking down at her nails as her home nation, the greatest nation, walked into the Olympic stadium in the opening ceremony.

There are many many more but I shall end with Mr Boris Johnson proving that a Mayor with a bad haircut can dance very groovily to the Spice Girls. LOL!

These last 16 days shall forever be some of the most Glory filled days the Nation has ever beheld and I feel proud and privileged to have been a part, well to have watched it all take place. Thank you to the many inspiring athletes and volunteers. THANK YOU LONDON!

UPDATE 18:30 - I came home from work today wanting to watch the Olympics, but then I remembered it's over and I felt so empty inside and I went to cook my dinner =[

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to our BRIT cousins----thnks the best ever---YES YOU WERE READY---as you stood up in ww2 united ---so was it in the joy of 2012---how does it go ----all victorious GOD SAVE THE QUEEN---to YOU MAMM---YOU AND THE ENTIRE NATION YOU GLORIOUS RIEN PUT ON ONE HELL OF A SHOW---ROMMNEY BE DAMMED WE IN THE STATES KNEW IT WOULD BE ----I LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEXT IN RIO----can they top this----501