Monday, August 06, 2012

Lord Of The Rings...

I don't care what anybody says, male gymnasts are sexy as hell! Yes, they may be short, but their bodies are serious!

Take today's Men's rings final as an example, 22-year-old Brazilian hottie Arthur Nabarrete Zanetti stole the Olympics gold from the defending champion Chen Yibing of China after a SUPERB routine by scoring a shocking 15.900 as the last to go.

A BIG congratulations to you Arthur =]


b3nc0 said...

8'P~ did you see that major DILF from Bulgary (even if he's closer to /my/ age than my dad's ¬_¬) & my personal heartthrob, after Arthur of course, the Puerto Rican Tommy Ramos even if is 6in taller than the Brazilian, nearly a giant that day ;°)

Rex said...

I am feeling like we are on a mind meld in all your posts today. Agree.All.The.Way.