Friday, August 24, 2012

Oops I Did It Again...

So our very own Prince Harry, the third in line to the British monarchy, and his 'Crown Jewels' has become the centre of the media's attention across of the world in the past couple of days. But so what?

Yes, maybe His Royal Highness should probably be a bit more careful when he does stuff like this (especially when he's drunk) because "with GREAT power comes with GREAT responsibility." But honestly, he's a 27-year-old lad. Give him a BREAK!

P.S. I just don't understand why's everyone so obsessed with Harry?! I know everyone wants a bit of a 'bad boy' and he fits perfectly. But, I seriously don't think he's THAT hot and sexy. There are many other way hotter 'gingers' out there! Right?


Anonymous said...

but... HRH Prince Harry is a well educated officer in the Royal Army and he has a duty to his country not to be an ass particularly not a naked ass on TMZ from Las Vegas. He deserves all the dishonor he has brought on himself and his family. He above all else, should know better given the tragedy of his upbringing what sort of tool you will be if you do stupid stuff like he is prone to do.

We all forget, he is of an age and a generation that does not think twice about using a camera to invade the personal dignity of the person next to you or to post your cock on the internet for the world to critique. This is nothing more than the juxtaposition of his contemporary world and its lower standards of acceptance against the far stricter and more disciplined standards of the office and privilege that he holds.

He has embarrassed himself and the position he holds. At a minimum he should understand some level of shame is due even if he wants to drop trou in the public square tomorrow. As far as I understand, a guy who drinks so much that he passes out on the sand and then has his picture turn up on the evening news is well, drinking too much and or needs a much, much better keeper to mind his business for him.

Good luck to the country that this child ends up ruling. Since he can't avoid a camera why bother to cover your junk. He has a reputation for some pretty substantial junk so perhaps that would have been a better photo and story. Mind you, drunk it is probably pretty shriveled and that would not be a good image to float in the public if you want attention of the sort he appears to want.

JamTheCat said...

So much for "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Thanks to someone willing to whore themselves for a couple quid, Las Vegas can no longer make that claim...and Harry's been betrayed, again. Hell, he's been treated like sh*t by the press since the day he was born (remember "The Heir and the Spare?"); nothing new here. Nothing new about the sanctimonious carping by people, either.

The guy's young, rich, good-looking, and not married, so he's done nothing really wrong. Cut him some slack.