Friday, August 10, 2012


Can you believe it?! I FINALLY MADE IT TO THE OLYMPICS and saw the semi-final of the men's water polo. So how was it? Well, three words to summarise my virgin Olympic experience - Speedos, muscle and POLO! The only drawback was the fact that the Aussie didn't make it to the final. BIG congratulation to the Italian though =]

By the way, the whole Olympic Park was absolutely AMAZING and I was very very impressed with the organisation there, the volunteers were top notch, always smiling cheery and helpful.

One hottie randomly walked up to me and asked if I wanted him to take a photo in front of the Olympic Stadium, I wasn't trying to take one at the time it was just a random, unfortunately the battery of my phone was dead. Oh well, I had a wonderful time =P

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Rex said...

I LOVE watching Water Polo in person, and your pictures are great.