Sunday, September 09, 2012

Kill The B*tch At...

So I was with Gaga at her Born This Way Ball last night at Twickenham Stadium and she's F*CKING (sorry about my language) MAGNIFICENT! Honestly, I barely took any photos because I was too crazy jumping and singing my little gay heart out thoughout the 2½-hour concert =P

The castle, the dresses, the dancers, the music, the band, eveything was totally out of this world. But the best thing I loved about Gaga was the fact that rather than ignoring us and getting on with the show, she genuinely spent time connecting and interracting with 'us' aka the Little Monsters all the time. I mean, she actually invited few of her fans to go on stage to sing and dance with her!

To me, Born This Way Ball is a huge success. It's not as good as her Monster Ball but it's no doubt way better than Madge's MDNA tour! Thank you Gaga for giving me a wild night away from everything and liberating me through your music xxx

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