Sunday, September 23, 2012

So True...

We all have expectations. Some have more while others have less, and when two persons meet, it can be difficult to get that balance right.

I must admit I'm the type of person who expects 'more' from others, and in order to avoid further f*cking disappointments, I'm trying very hard to tone down my expectations.

Just wondering, how do you guys cope with expectations? And don't worry. Everything is fine between PP and WW =]


b3nc0 said...

Hi cupcake,
Glad to hear you're both fine between everything (WE that means?!) ☺
As for the expectations, I can't seem to 'tune them down' but try /REALLY/ hard to cope with the disappointements, even if in the end it brought me to definitely(?) broke up with my ex, but I won't ever be a married man's shameful affair ☻ BTW, /we/ were a couple first, I even meat the family, but for said family business (his mom said our relation caused his father heart issues & the poor, sweet RETARD bought that BS) he married his HS sweetheart & invited me to share 'their'(our!) house but to not be there when the 'rents are around… A year later he still doesn't get why I said no?!
Here's the point where I should put a joke to lighten the mood, but I can't bring myself to do that coz I still dearly, deeply, madly, irrevocably love him & wouldn't settle for less than a man like him, Ha! here's the joke still: I'd rather settle for someone more like a man than him actually ;°)
So yeah, expectations hurt but I still cling to them…
PS: sorry for all the rant orz

Jeremiah Andrews said...

This is a simple equation. In sobriety I know that expectations are something that I cannot afford to have, because what follows is heart ache and pain.

It is good to have goals and needs and some expectations. But if you set the bar too high on those expectations, surely they may not be met.

We are powerless over people, places and things, and people will be who they are. If we expect too much from others, then, like you said, time to tone it down.

Be wary of having such expectations of others. Do you have the same set of expectations for yourself?