Sunday, September 30, 2012

Understand Yourself...

I was so glad I had a long chat with a friend tonight about my break up with Peter Pan because he had completely changed the way I view myself and how I've dealt with relationships in the past.

You see, most people jump into conclusion that it's his loss not mine or he's a 'user' of my love, but when you take a step back and really THINK about it, the problem doesn't lie with Peter Pan (well, he has his own issues) but ME! Remember Mr. T? Why do I keep disappointing by unrequited love? Is there any underlying issue(s) that I try to deny?

OF COURSE THERE ARE, but instead of giving myself time to THINK what I did wrong, I just kept myself busy, ignored the bads and 'moved on' (as most would do). But that's not the way to solve the problem! The only way out is to face the bad feelings, think them through and learn from them.

Since it's an lifetime ongoing process, I'll let you know my progress in the next couple of days, weeks and years. Thank you Tarun x

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b3nc0 said...

Hallo Cupcake,
I'm so glad to read such positive & thorough questioning, it should equally open new prospects to many of us, so I'd like to thank Tarun too b^^