Saturday, October 27, 2012

How I Love Grindr...

With 4.5 million total global users, Grindr has revolutionised how gay men meet, and recently the social network giant has been nominated for the iDate 2012 Awards for not one but four categories - Best Mobile Dating App, Best Dating Site, Best Niche Dating Site and Most Innovative Company. So great applause to them!

I downloaded the app since Feburary and haven't been using it actively until recently. Overtime, I notice there are a handful of cliché people you will meet on Grindr. Let me introduce them.

In A Relationship
The most annoying group of all. Their profile reads something similar to the following: "Hey, already in a relationship with a great guy, so please be respectful" or "Just looking for friends! Let's meet up" which is often combined with a shirtless picture. Honestly, is something wrong with you? Everyone knows you are not looking for a friend. Looking for a friend on Grindr is like looking for a wife at a whorehouse.

Gym Buddy
These guys just want to find workout partners. "Hi, anyone workout near Soho Gym? Looking for a gym buddy."

YES, SUNGLASSES! They are the cheap man's approach to plastic surgery. 95% of the time, this accessory makes a guy look more attractive in their picture. You talk to a guy for a bit, then you ask them for a non-sunglasses picture, and they either send you one that doesn't look like the sunglasses one or they put up an attitude, saying sh*t such as, "What does it matter if I have sunglasses on?" Well, first off, I personally use Grindr for dating, so unless I'm meeting you for a date and you're going to be wearing sunglasses, I'd like to see what you look like. Second, most guys use this app for hooking up, and I assume you don't f*ck guys with your sunglasses on, right?

They have a body picture. No information, other than they are 'looking' and want 'other masculine guys'.

The Lover
This person is looking for love... on Grindr. Enough said. Bless x

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