Sunday, November 04, 2012

A Journey To...

Today I felt so... I can't even think of a word for it. Just SO INSPIRED after attending a debate/panel discussion organised by The Quest on 'What lies beneath the surface of the lives of today's gay men and what the future holds.'

"In an ideal world, gay men would be able to be who they want to be, comfortable in their own skin, free from the criticism and lathing of their peers and not typecast into socially acceptable personas. Yet, today's reality is that many gay men feel the need to be gym fit, socially extroverted, fabulous and fashion forward. Between this image of the ideal and the reality, there's a darkness and terrible shame hiding within the walls of this outwardly contented community.

In a city we no longer need to fight for our gay rights, we reach to a point where gay men are facing a 'mirror barrier', issues that lie within ourselves e.g. STDs, drugs and alcohol, depression, suicides, social dysfunction, dissatisfaction, destructive behaviours and relationships."

During the four-hour session, the panel and us, the audience, explored some close-to-my-heart topics like - understanding today's gay man, pride and prejudice, exploring the reasons for what lies beneath 'Gay Utopia', what does tomorrow hold for gay men, what does today's gay man want and how do gay men start building authentic futures.

Honestly, I took so much away from today's session. Not just for the sake of the gay community but for myself as a 33-year-old single gay man living in the big city of London.

I came to conclusion that in order for Willy to be happy, first I have to accept my sexuality and love myself as a man, not a gay man in a straight world. Second, take care of my sexual health. Third, spread the words and help others in need, which I'll do everything in my power through this blog!

Over the next couple of weeks, I'm gonna add a new section on the right sidebar called 'HELP OUT' which compiles a list of organisations and support groups that work towards making life easier for gay people. So make sure you check them out!

Gute Nacht x

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Westernstock said...

Thanks for that dynamically positive, inspiring and informative post. Power to the mission you give yourself.