Monday, November 12, 2012

Dare To Love...

I've been attending Pride London since 2008 but I've never attended a single Pride event in Hong Kong partly due to the timing of my holiday, but after watching this news report about this year's Hong Kong Pride Parade, which held over the weekend, I'm thinking I should definitely make it as one of my future plans!

Being brought up in Hong Kong, I can relate and understand how the traditional Chinese culture can affect and influence the way my LGBT brothers and sisters live, and because of that, I'm feeling extremely proud of their bravery to take their sexuality down to the streets and show the people in Hong Kong it's OK to be gay! Well done guys =]

P.S. I wonder if any of my blog readers from Hong Kong attended this year's Hong Kong Pride Parade? If yes, please share your experience with the rest of the world!

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