Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Elixir Of...

Just got home from seeing L'elisir d'amore (The Elixir of Love) at the Royal Opera House and what a bravo production!

Set in an Italian village about 1800, L'elisir d'amore is about a naive peasant named Nemorino whose love for the wealthy and fabulous Adina allows him to believe that a magic 'elixir' sold by the quack doctor Dulcamara will charm her into his arms despite her rejection.

To me, it's so obvious that both Adina and Nemorino love each other, but instead of saying 'I love you' to each other's faces, they take turn to play hard-to-get, and suprise suprise, they miracally end up with a happy ending. Awww, isn't that sweet?

So does playing hard-to-get make you more attractive and get the person you love for? Well, personally, I hate mind games, and I think that I hate them because there's too much calculation involved behind and I always get in an infinite loop of thinking which is very annoying. So my answer would be NO!

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Anonymous said...

Reading you is like reading myself! We must be twins! lol And YES I HATE mind games and the whole hard-to-get.

Cheers from Montreal.