Monday, December 31, 2012


It's the last day of 2012 and it's the time to reflect and be thankful for all that I gained, lost, and have without any regret. Could I do better? Maybe. Will I do better? Probably not.

He told me he wasn't in love with me and that we would only be good as friends (with benefits). Most guys would be fine with that. Good sex without all the emotional baggage. But, I actually liked him. Honestly, I loved him. So, we were gonna try and kept being in each others lives as just friends who f*ck. For as long as that lasted - a year and two months. It killed me because he's one of the first guys that I truly loved in years. No, we weren't perfect and we didn't always see eye to eye, but there's good stuff and chemistry there. And it saddened me that we couldn't even see what our full potential could have been.

Isn't it great to live in London? This year I was lucky enough to see both Madonna's MDNA Tour and Gaga's BTW Ball Tour! God saves the Queens! And speaking of the Queen, nothing beats Queen Elizabeth II, the real Queen, who celebrated her Diamond Jubilee this year!

Attending the Olympic Games has always been one of my lifetime dreams and now I can proudly say, "I've been to the Olympics!" And rightly so, a huge pat on the back is certainly deserved. London was a great host city for the Games. And it has shown the world some of the greatest things about Great Britain!

Didn't time fly by quickly? It's been over a year since I moved into my two-bed bachelor pad and I'm still enjoying it! The best thing is the fact that I have my freedom (accommodating friends and family or walking around the flat naked) and space (especially fridge space) without any consideration. Having said that, sometimes, I feel living alone can be a bit lonely, but with friends around, I've made it just fine =]

Yes, I say this every year but I still want you to know that without your supports I really don't think I would be in this position as I'm now - Seven years running, 564 followers, 1565 posts and over 3.3 millions hits! Thank you SO much guys!


MARK CLARK said...

reflection is GOOD!

Buddy Bear said...

Best wishes for 2013!

BosGuy said...

I love your blog and check back often to see what you are up to. Keep up the good work and wishing you all the best in 2013.