Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Guilty Pleasure...

It's long overdue that I post a Guilty Pleasure so I try not to disappoint you too much. Introducing Clark Lichty, a Chicago model posing in the nude in front of the camera's of Bell Soto.

Honestly, I just love seeing images where complete nudity is artistically well managed, and just a slight patch of pale light in the shadow can be so suggestive of what's there.

Clark seems to ooze masculine sexuality in these images, and his body is just perfection! Apparently, Clark grew up in a crop and livestock farm outside of Waterloo, Iowa, and played professional football before becoming a male model, and all that work has definitely paid off and created a build that I think we would all love towering over us!


glen0330 said...

He certainly DOES ooze sexuallity. Actually, it's a bit more than an oooze.

Anonymous said...

He's terrific :^>