Thursday, February 14, 2013

Forbidden Love...

So how's everyone's Valentine's Day? Any cards? Chocolates? Roses? Kisses? Sex? Share with me and make me jealous!

Anyway, two things. First, according to the legend, the martyred Saint Valentine was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. As people across the world celebrate today with candle-lit dinners and flowers, the freedom to have consensual and loving relationships is being contested around the world. In Uganda, campaigners are to protest the 'anti-homosexuality' bill that is due to be voted on this parliament. The bill attempts to portray homosexuality as an un-African Western import, but much of the funding for the campaign against homosexuality is coming from evangelical Christian groups in the US. Meanwhile, in the UK the House of Commons has voted in favour of a bill legalising gay marriage, despite strong opposition from some sections of the Conservative party. Barack Obama would like US states to do the same. Sexual freedom is a cultural and religious battleground that has moved forward with lightening speed, but remains bitterly fought over. For this and future Valentine's Days at least forget the arguments, and enjoy the flowers.

Second, I wanna let you all know that I met up with Peter Pan for lunch today. Don't worry, it's not a date! We just spent an hour or so catching up on what had been going on and it's great to see him well and happy =]

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