Sunday, March 03, 2013

Piggy Saving...

Today I met a friend for coffee and we talked about one serious matter in life, and it's not sex or love, it's pension!

You see, I've been working for the NHS (National Health Service) since graduated from university and had contributed to its pension scheme for the past TEN years. Lately I was thinking about a career change to leave the public sector and go self-employed but my friend strongly urge me not to leave the NHS simply because it has one of the best pension schemes in this country, and that money is gonna be handy when I'm old and frail at the age of 60s.

So let's get realistic and forget about boyfriends, partners and happy-ever-after for a moment, I was wondering, from a gay man's point of view, what everyone has planned for their future?


Anonymous said...

save like mad or be a poor OAP

JamTheCat said...

All I have for retirement is Social Security. Not good, especially since the Republicans in the US want to do away with it before I get to it. It's likely I'll work till I die.

As for your pension, make sure David Osborne hasn't done something to it. He's not to be trusted.

Anonymous said...

at 75 and in the USA----save enough to enjoy your retirement years----depend not on govt programs ALONE----but enjoy the things you enjoy till the day you die---501

Malcolm Ladis said...

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Anonymous said...

It is one of life's tough choices - I have a job with a good pension plan, but for the longest time I never really expected to live long enough to collect it. Amazingly, I am still here and healthy and getting near the time when I may collect the pension. If you hate the job you should ditch it pension and all, but if you don't hate it but are just wanting a change, it might be best to stay where you are and make other changes instead.