Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Human Touch...

Something has been missing from my life lately. Well, lots of things, but this post is about just one of them. I've noticed that I've been really wanting a massage. My muscles aren't particularly sore and I don't technically need one. Massage isn't something that is always a need but quite often is just a luxurious want and I personally believe if you can afford it, treating yourself every now and then is a very good thing. So if I don’t need a massage, why am I craving one?

I must admit I'm a very tactile and affectionate person. I love giving hugs to my friends and I've been told that I give good hug. Since I separated with PP nearly 6 months ago I haven't had anyone sleep in my bed with me nor have I slept in anyone else's. I'm missing intimacy. This isn't about penetrative, sweaty, passionate, heat of the moment intimacy. I could go to a sauna and get that if I needed it, or online.

No, I need affection. I realised my craving for a massage isn't about a massage, it's about physical contact or the human touch. I really want to lie curled up on the lounge with someone, or to spoon with someone in bed. I want to hug someone when I get home after a rubbish day at work. Of course I have friends that can hug me, but that warm, embracing affection and intimacy that comes with a relationship is the only thing that's going to reach right down into my heart at the moment. Any of you feeling the same way?

Btw, the images for this post were found at Eighty Eight to Present, written by a dear friend Ethan. His blog is worth a read so please go show him some affection (and hug) too!


Anonymous said...

Its the same with me here.. I can totally understand what u feel like

Bigen03 said...

I just made my appt for a 90 min massage yesterday for the same reasons... Just need that intimate touch and connection with someone.

FYI, Just checked out Eighty Eight to Present... Nice blog... Ethan has now been added to my RSS feeds!!

Anonymous said...

You meet so many men - you are cute seem sweet and - from what I see here - are smart - what gives???