Monday, June 17, 2013

Not Bird Nor Plane...

Last night, Peter Pan and I went to see Man Of Steel in the cinema and I really enjoyed the movie although I did think that it could have been 25-30 minutes shorter.

I really liked the flashbacks and particularly the one where Clark runs away from the classroom as a kid. I thought that was a really emotional moment and I genuinely felt bad for him. I feel like the makers of the movie tried to show Superman as an outsider especially when he was younger to appeal to everyone, as we all feel like an outsider at some point in our lives.

I thought the casting was great with a charismatic performance from the hunky Henry Cavill. I think Zod (played by Michael Shannon) should have come to Earth a little bit earlier. I liked the last 40 minutes of action. It became a little repetitive with Zod and Superman smashing each other into buildings. Having said that, the special effects in the last 40 minutes were amazing and I've never seen something so large scale in a superhero movie.

Overall, I really liked the movie and I thought it served as an excellent franchise starter. I would love to see Lex Luthor portrayed as a maniac in the future films like Ledger's Joker. I think the second movie will be even better and be the standout movie of the franchise much like the Batman, Iron Man and Spiderman!

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Ethan said...

My question is, where were your hands when the lights went down?