Monday, June 24, 2013

Run For Your Lives...

So Saturday night Peter Pan and I (yes, we met up again...) went to watch World War Z and it's actually better than I thought. Initially, I didn't think it's scary from the trailer, but it turned out to be scarier than I thought it would be. Not like Resident Evil scary, but just the suspense of not knowing when a zombie is gonna pop out and bite! I also liked the whole 'camouflage' concept ending, which I thought it's very clever. Overall, a pleasant surprise!

And speaking of zombie post-apocalypse, today I was asked by a friend on Facebook if I wanna go and kill some 'real' zombies in an abandoned shopping mall in Reading, UK. I was like "WTF?" until I clicked the link and WOW! It looks amazingly CRAZY and FUN but I wonder how long will I last? Bring it on zombies!

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