Sunday, August 18, 2013


Guess what? Today is TMOP's seventh birthday. SEVEN! I have officially been blogging for SEVEN f*cking years! Can you believe that? Especially when so many of my favourite blogs have come and gone. Seven years is quite an accomplishment!

Did you know that seven years ago, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr barely existed? YouTube had only been online for a year? Madonna was still married and touring her Confessions Tour? Gaga's fame was two year away from existing? And I was still in the closet?

Cher feat. Lady Gaga - The Greatest Thing

Anyway, what more can I say? You guys are THE GREATEST THING to me. Thank you so much for your continued support and your belief in TMOP. I must admit this blog has gotten less attention over the years, but it's still the only place I can come to when I wanna express my happiness, sadness, desires, hopes and many others, and I'll carry on no matter what gets thrown at me =]

Here's to year eight! Hip Hip Hooray XXX


MAC said...

CONGRATS!!! Ministry of Pleasure was one of the blogs that inspired to start my own. Happy Lucky 7!!!


Soul Yaoi said...


b3nc0 said...

Hallo Jubi-leer ;°P
Sorry for not entering the competition, been away most of the week orz
Still totes hooked on this Ministry (๏_๏)
How's the proverbial 7 year itch going? Not too itchy apparently… Keep it up‼ I wish you the best in /ALL/ the aspects of your RL too (especially if you're considering moving across the pound? That would be a new HUGE step in your life…)

glen0330 said...

Happy Day. And here's to at least 8 more.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Lucky 7th Anniversary!!! And best wishes for many many more anniversaries to come!!! (I've been following you for 3 of those 7 yrs)
your fan in San Bruno, CA, USA

iama[GAY]keeper said...

CONGRATS, seems like yesterday I started following your blog

LVted said...

Since the day I discovered your blog, I have been following until now and it is the only blog I'm reading.
Keep up the good work and we will always support you.
Also keep up the posting or 'juicy' post like last time. :)

Howard said...

Happy &thy! You have become more handsome and sexy with each additional year!