Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Applause To SF...

After spending ten quality days in San Francisco, I must admit there are SO much to love about the 7x7 city. The art and culture, the beach, the cable cars, the food and wine, the nightlife, the parks, the seals at Pier 39, but it's the San Franciscan that really captured my heart!

For many reason, I found the people super friendly, and their openess to LGBT people can be seen everywhere, from the biggest rainbow flag flying high in Castro to the gay couples bringing their children to play in a family park. I mean, it's like nowhere else I've ever seen!

Although I had to return for London, I think I do plan to return to SF in the near future =]

P.S. I also had a fab time in Vancouver and Las Vegas, just not as much as San Francisco!

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MAC said...

WOW, 10 days... that's a whole lot of memories. SF is one of my favorite cities too. XOXO