Monday, September 02, 2013

Pride At Trafalgar...

So, Peter Pan and I went to see The Pride at Trafalgar Studios over the weekend. Excellent play, well written, well produced and directed, well acted and thought provoking. Starred Hayley Atwell, Al Weaver, Harry Haddon-Paton and Matthew Horne. Directed by Jamie Lloyd. Written by Alexi Kaye Campbell.

The play is set in two different time periods - 1950s and present-day London, which highlights that though progress in gay rights have been fought and made, life remains messy. There will always be challenges to overcome, no matter how emancipated we may be on the surface. Inside us we are all battling with something.

Then after the show, he brought me to have a cocktail at Vista at the Trafalgar Hotel, a rooftop bar with an amazing view, before we ended the day with a buffet dinner at Canary Wharf.

What a weekend!

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