Sunday, November 03, 2013

Straight Talker...

Josh Hutcherson, the gorgeous and adorable 21-year-old Hunger Games star, is straight but says he can see himself dating a guy in the future! 

"Maybe I could say right now I'm 100% straight. But who knows? In a f*cking year, I could meet a guy and be like, Whoa, I'm attracted to this person. I've met guys all the time that I'm like, Damn, that's a good-looking guy, you know? I've never been, like, Oh, I want to kiss that guy. I really love women. But I think defining yourself as 100% anything is kind of near-sighted and close-minded."

Gosh, I just couldn't agree with you more on your thoughts Josh! The Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens in cinemas on November 22, 2013.


Nick said...

I don't know about this guy. Sometimes he looks adorable, like these pics, and then in others he just looks kinda weird. Still, wouldn't kick him out of my own little version of the Hunger Games ;)

Diamentas said...

I will see the in cinema, the catching fire.