Monday, December 16, 2013

A Love/Hate Relationship...

Christmas has arrived in London because you can tell by the giant erected Norwegian Christmas tree is in Trafalgar Square, the red-nosed reindeer in Covent Garden, the very jolly robins that bab along Carnaby Street (photo above) and the amount of lights that decorate the capital!

I know Christmas should be the happiest time of the year, but I do have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the day.

I love the decorations. I mean, who doesn't like pretty sparkling things? I like that people are supposed to be thinking of others, and I also like the fact that I get time off from work.

I hate that you are 'suppose' to be surrounded by family and/or friends having a TV-commercial happy endulgent day. Some of us CAN'T be with family (mine's in Hong Kong and Peter Pan will be back to his parents) and it's so enforced in everyone that you should that people who are alone feel like something is wrong with them.

So, what do and don't your like about Christmas?


b3nc0 said...

I egoistically like that my brother won't be deployed in Afghanistan or whatnot this Christmas b^^
I don't like that this past couple years the family party has been dramatically (& irrevocably) thinning. Empty chairs & all that jazz q;;
Also BOOOOO to the Merry Mercantile Christmas‼ On a Christian note, I deplore that it's all about the fat red man & naught for the born savior (though you can't even say ‘Christmas’ aloud without being assaulted by secular proponents, the Christmas holidays are now called winter holidays in Belgium… no more Christmas tree in schools…) ಠ益ಠ
Wow, that was a lot of dislike ramblings, oTL
But there's the midnight mass & chorus concerts ^^d

Ethan said...

Does it matter Peter is not here with you for a few days, when you can be together for the rest of the 365 days?
I like that people are generally in better mood and find it easier to love and be loved.
I don't like that the unfortunate few who are neglected will feel even more miserable, because they don't know the meaning of Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Will.

Soul Yaoi said...

Beautiful pic!