Thursday, December 26, 2013

Get Cut After X'mas...

So did everyone have a happy Christmas? I certainly did. It's nothing spectacular, just had lots of food and wine, and watched many movies on the sofa with friends, but I'm guessing that many of you would do the same thing - Eating, drinking, watching TV and sleeping.

Feeling guilty about not going to the gym? Well, Don't be because Craig Ramsay (as a former ballet dancer, hockey player, fitness model, actor and trained contortionist) is here to show you how to burn some serious calories when you are back in the office tomorrow! And the best thing is, each routine takes only FIVE minutes to complete so you won't even notice you are exercising. How cool is that?!

Now, if you enjoyed Ramsay's 5-minute office workouts, why not try other routines at the poolside, in the hair salon, while pumping gas, at the checkout or in the holy church? LOL!

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