Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Guilty Pleasure...

In the beginning, you wonder what the f*ck he's doing, and by the end, you wonder how the f*ck he's doing it. Now that's what I call creative!

This second clip is more conventional with some hot guy (with pecs and six-pack) jacking off with a condom. Did he cum a lot? I dunno but stop hitting me with your f*cking cum-filled condom!

And last but not least, the cock sucking and moaning in this clip are pretty impressive but it's the balls bouncing/flexing/twitching towards the end that really steals the f*cking show!


Gene Solnick said...

Thanks for sharing these hot videos. I really liked the one of the guy sucking off the guy when he came in his mouth. Really hot.


Anonymous said...

Terrific videos, all three of them are remarkable. Thanks for posting them.