Monday, January 13, 2014

The Bathhouse...

Sebastian was on his third circuit in the bathhouse. The movie room, showers, sauna, patio, then the hallways where the rooms were and then start over again. He had left work a couple hours early hoping to get a blowjob before going home. Sebastian found the bathhouse two blocks from his office a year earlier. He had been here six of seven times; whenever he had the urge. The urge was usually to have someone suck him off but occasionally he would be the one with the cock in his mouth.

Sebastian was beginning to think that he was going to strike out. The place was nearly empty and the only action he had seen so far was two guys in their 20s giving each other head in the sauna. They didn't mind a voyeur but were not looking for a middle aged man to join in. A lot of guys would go into their rented rooms for privacy. You could hear plenty of sex going on through the thin walls. The rooms were all the same, about the size of a large closet with a bed (just a plywood base built into the wall with an exercise mat for a mattress) running the length of the side wall, and a single chair.

As Sebastian meandered through the corridors, wearing only a towel as most men did, he noticed a door to one room open. He looked inside and saw a lone guy masturbating. He was only about 25 or 26, with red hair and pink skin. He was sitting facing the door, nude with his legs spread wide and his hard dick in his hand. His body was completely shaven except for light hair on his arms and legs.

"Need some help with that?" Sebastian asked.

Redhead smiled but declined. "No, thanks. I'm waiting for someone."

Sebastian realized that what he really meant was that he was waiting for someone younger. In his mid-40s, Sebastian was still attractive and in good shape. He didn't exactly have a six-pack, but with chiseled face, broad shoulders, strong arms and chest. He moved on but decided to circle back around. Redhead's cock must have been eight inches and thick. Maybe he wouldn't mind a spectator.

Sebastian leaned on the doorframe and focused on Redhead's hand pumping his beautiful pink staff. He dropped his towel on the floor and started stroking his own erection. Redhead didn't seem to mind. He stared at Sebastian with that inviting smile with no indication he was going to stop the show. Sebstian couldn't stand it anymore and stepped into the room and fell to his knees in front of Redhead. Redhead protested and made a feeble effort to push Sebastian away. Maybe he misread the signs but at that point Sebastian didn't care. He had to have that cock. 

Redhead tried pushing Sebastian away again as he mouthed a nearly inaudible, "no."

Sebastian licked Redhead's balls and shaft and then engulfed his cock, or at least as much as he could get into his mouth. Redhead offered no more resistance, leaning back as he moaned. Sebastian relished the young stiff rod, licking and sucking until Redhead shot his copious load into Sebastian's welcoming mouth. Sebastian held it on his tongue savoring it before swallowing every drop.

Standing up, Sebastian ordered, "suck it."

Redhead eagerly complied. After a few minutes of sucking, Sebastian pulled Redhead up to a standing position with his right arm holding Redhead in a semi-choke hold, and pushed him against the wall. Sebastian reached a condom and put it on and then found Redhead's rosebud, guiding his dick to it. His cock met only a little resistance as it was shoved all the way in. Sebastian had never tried anal before and was surprised at how good and tight it felt.

As Sebastian started thrusting in and out of Redhead, he noticed he had an audience. One man who was about 30 and another in his 60s. Both had abandoned their towels and were jacking off in the doorway completely nude. Sebastian was invigorated by the audience and continued his assault on Redhead's ass with vigor. It only took a few minutes for Sebastian to bust his load deep inside Redhead.

Suddenly, Sebastian was back in reality. Redhead collapsed on the bed, his cock still hard and long. Sebastian took one last touch, feeling the heat in his hand and then turned to the door, grabbing his towel off the floor as he left. As he walked away, he watched the two onlookers go into the room.

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