Sunday, February 16, 2014

Double Valentines...

Hello people! I'm finally back from my holiday! Did you miss me? I had a lovely time in Hong Kong (and Taiwan) and I'll post my holiday photos in the next few days.

So, did everyone have a happy DOUBLE Valentine's Day? The reason it's DOUBLE is because both Chinese and Western Valentine's Day fall on the same day this year, and the next time this will happen is in another 19 years! Anyway, no cards or flowers for me, but I did receive a Whatsapp message from PP so it's not all bad. What's your stories?

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b3nc0 said...

Hallo, Welcome back ^^
Hope you had a great time… & that you had some quality welcome-back-time with PP? BTW, did you send him anything for V-Day? And what's the Chinese V-Day?

I had one another lonely day (at least my ex didn't harrass me this year) but I still got a nice card on my desk from a student of mine who's got a crush on me for the last 2 years she wrote…