Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I'm an Olympics lover and I've been watching the Winter Games since 1998 at Nagano in Japan, but this year I'm giving the Sochi Games a miss because I strongly disagree with Russia's anti-gay laws.

I know some of you may think it's silly for me to boycott watching the Olympics, as if it'll make a difference to the homophobia in Russia, but after watching Hunted, a shocking documentary on Channel 4 revealing the extent and prevalence of homophobic hate crimes in Russia, it makes me so angry and sad about how the Russians use excuses like 'traditional value' and 'paedophilia' to discriminate and ill-treat gay people. Honestly, SHAME ON YOU PUTIN!

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TY ROMAN said...

before i condemn---i must applaud--i must say as well to those who disagree ---YOU HAVE THE RIGHT AND YOU HAVE THE DUTY TO FOLLOW YOUR OWN CONVICTIONS -----I HAVE BOYCOTTED AS WELL AS HAVE ASKED ALL MY FAMILY AN FRIENDS TO DO SAME--PUTIN is a liar and thug --in my opinion---no better than HEIR HITLER---remember the news has indicated these SOCHI games ---have proven to be the least popular winter games since T.V. began broadcasting same so many feel the same----ALL WHO HAVE BOYCOTTED THANKS ----STAND UP MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS FOR WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE ---501