Thursday, March 06, 2014

Going Commando...

It's March 7 today, and if you are in the UK, you may notice the guy sitting opposite you in the Tube, your male colleague at work, the man queuing in front of you at the supermarket or even your boyfriend or hubby looking a bit more relaxed around the trouser area, that may be because they've decided to shun the undies drawer for a day, to try and raise awareness for prostate, testicular and bowel cancer.

As part of charity's campaign, Male Cancer Awareness Campaign have created a day called 'Going Commando' to stem the embarrassment that men feel when talking about health issues. I'm In It, are You?

To be honest, I do go commando from time to time. Not for any special occasion, but just when I wanna feel free or when I go to bed. You?


Westernstock said...

I go commando all the time. Have done for years. I like to feel the denim of my jeans against my privates!

carol said...

Great post, I didn't no about this awareness campaign. I always go commando even in the bitter cold weather we have in Canada.

Great blog,
Stay Hard and Horny,

Soul Yaoi said...

I like going commando sometimes. :-)