Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gay & Successful...

Last night I went into town to have drinks with a group of my friend's gay friends and I couldn't help but notice something similiar among all of them. They are mostly intelligent, have professional high-paid jobs, seem to be in good shape, very well-travelled, doing exciting things e.g. learning new languages, running Marathon, scuba diving, wine tasting etc., and have a boyfriend or partner.

While I'm certainly not trying to compare myself to any of them (I'm beautiful and successful in my way), but the fact is, they all seem way more 'accomplished' than I am, which gets me thinking - ARE WE MORE SUCCESSFUL BECAUSE WE'RE GAY?

To me, the answer is 'yes' because we have had to fight HARD to be accepted by our families and friends. This fight is reflected in our work ethics and so we achieve more in a shorter time than our straight brothers who have been 'sociably' acceptable their whole lives. We gays are also way more perceptive than straights as we have had to be aware of how society reacts to us in order to avoid uncomfortable and, sometimes, downright dangerous situations, this allows us to recognise, and take advantage of, opportunities sooner than most straights.


b3nc0 said...

Many of us have one more trick up our sleeve: years of training in deceiving our family and friends, playing straight and all that jazz… Showing to others (including bosses and HRM…) what we think they want to see is indeed a great professional skill.

Anonymous said...

Birds of a feaher, flock together. Plenty of gay and straight men out there that are not "successful" due to how they handled their upbringing. Every person handles their situations differently. I'd throw it up to chance. My time playing the straight card has nothing to do with how I succeeded. Desire and hard work usually overcomes any hardship. People are people.