Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Yet Another Profile...

"Originally from the U.K. and now back in London, I've been living in Moscow for the last few years, and more recently Shanghai. I'm a bit of an adventurer, laid-back and easy going. I'm continuously searching for new experiences, new ways to better myself and any new 'Partners in Crime' are most welcome. Feel free to say hello or if you're on the shy side, leave me a track!"

Hmm, I'm more on the shy side and I wonder which track should I leave for him. Sexy? Very hot? Horny pig? Really sweet? Lovely eyes? Great smile? Gorgeous face? Nice fur? So cuddly?

1 comment:

b3nc0 said...

He must be one of the sexiest trans I've ever seen 8°P~
(made an image search for a bigger size file and found him on a would you date a trans guy board)