Thursday, May 08, 2014

Get Ready Europe...

Just finished watching the Second Semi-Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest and what a show! Three of my favourites were Rise Like A Phoenix sung by Conchita Wurst aka the bearded Queen of Austria, Greece's Rise Up sung by Freaky Fortune feat Riskykidd, and Ireland's Heartbeat sung by Can-Linn, which sadly didn't make the cut to this Saturday's Grand Final.

And, as always, this year's UK entry is as sh*t as ever. It's lucky that UK is in the Big Five because there's no way we'll be qualified to the Final! Remember 2007?

Anyways, despite how bad Scooch sucked, you couldn't deny the fact the Eurovision is one of the campest events of the year and I wanna know what you make of it all. Do you throw a Eurovision party? Is the whole thing a bit lame? Have you never heard of Eurovision before?

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b3nc0 said...

Hallo, it used to be a great family tradition, like genuine watching and voting staying late 'til the end of ALL the countries' votes (a big joke here was Belgium one point, Belgique an pran totally mispronounced XD ); then shifted to pointing the most ridiculous outfit/song/dance; now with three nights in the week and the too many a countries, I only watch the final. But it's still a gay friends gathering we seldom miss!
Tschüß, have a great saturday night ;°P