Friday, August 01, 2014

Check Me Out...

The metrosexual is dead, long live the SPORNOSEXUAL, which is a cross between the words 'sport' and 'porn'. Think glistening pecs captured in shirtless selfies.

Spornosexual can be found at the gym, often with muscle-enhancing tattoos, piercings and plunging v-neck necklines, or no shirt at all. He prefers to spend his time and money on his physical upkeep and never shying away from 'showing off' the hard work he's put in.

So, do I see any problems with men flaunting themselves like delicious steaks ready to be grilled? Absolutely not in a million of years!


b3nc0 said...

Totally irrelevant to spornosexualism, but this post, dated from august the first, only became readable today, the 8th. Though I've visited your blog in the last week… Any idea what happened?

Anonymous said...

Crimping his hair?! Didn't teenage girls in the 1980's do that to make their big-ass hair even bigger?!

They make testosterone patches (ask any rugmunchin lez) ... Slap a few dozen on every flamin homo every morning, and that should (IN THEORY) de-nancify these embarrassing bottum-gurlz.

Jesus, quit giving society ammunition to fag bash, and *poof*!