Friday, January 30, 2015

Casting Call...

I'm not sure if this will work but I'm gonna give it a go. I'm planning to start a new recurrent post (just like Guilty Pleasure, Be Inspired, and Awww) and call it Meet My Precious.

The idea is simple. I wanna feature some of my readers fans (yes, I'm talking about YOU) on here in order to show my respect for you and to share your love of my blog with the rest of the world.

I dunno how many of you are brave enough to put yourself forward, but if you do, PLEASE drop me an email and we can go from there! Looking forward to hear from you. Cheers =]

P.S. I already have my first precious fan lined up for this weekend and he's from London, well... kind of.

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K mtl said...

Hi, I'm sorry to write you here, but I don't have access to your email for some reason (you can keep this message private). I've reading your blog for some years now, and I'm huge fan! Sometimes (and I hope you forgive me) I expose of get ideas from your blog to mine. My blog like yours is mix of my personal, love/sex life and pop culture in general. Nothing new, but thanks for taking a look. Take care and hugs from Montreal.