Monday, January 05, 2015

The Spark That Fades...

Set in present day Chicago, In Bloom, is a gritty, raw and real look at young gay life in the city. It follows a young gay couple, Kurt (Kyle Wigent) and Paul (Tanner Rittenhouse), a pot dealer and a struggling grocery story clerk, respectively, as their relationship unwinds. The summer is like any other they have experienced together until Kurt begins to fall for one of his customers. From there, their story of loss and universal emotional unfolds... or, blooms, if you will.

Personally, I found In Bloom completely absorbing even though it's far from being a 'feel good' movie. Quite the contrary, it dealt with an aspect of relationships that is all too often ignored and that is the breakdown. I really enjoy this movie, it's a great honest film I have much respect for.


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Rex said...

Looks good, and will have to keep an eye out.