Saturday, March 14, 2015

My 36th B'day Gift...

Tonight's episode of the Jonathan Ross Show was indisputably ruled by one guest and one guest only - the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna. She breezed her way through the interview with total class and humour, giving a flawless performance at the end of the show.

So why exactly was I all falling over Madge? Here are 7 good reasons:

1. Her straight-talking, no-nonsense manner, for starters.
2. Not to mention her eternally youthful good looks.
3. I was also loving her impressively accurate British accent.
4. She summed up what 'family' should mean pretty accurately.
5. Her performance of Ghosttown and Living For Love was damn good.
6. Because she makes me hark back to my teenage obsession with her.
7. Or because she's one of the few remaining living legends of our time.

By the way, today is my 36th birthday and this is a pretty damn good birthday present. Thank you Madonna!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!