Monday, April 20, 2015

From Russia Without Love...

Tonight I watched an insightful documentary on BBC3 called Reggie Yates' Extreme Russia: Gay and Under Attack and it really gave me the urge to make this post and express my point of view.

We all know how backward Russia is when it comes to gay rights, they can't hold hands or kiss in public, to host a gay event, to protest about gay rights, to get married or to have children.

Yes, I can still kinda accept all these, but to hear a Russian homophobe publicly saying being homophobic is beautiful and natural, and willing to stone a gay person to death?! Now that's just WRONG in all levels!

Honestly, why so much hate? I really don't see what gays have done to deserve this type of discrimination. To me, a gay person is still a person made of fresh and blood, and he/she is absolutely NO different from the homophobes themselves, but sadly is treated like trash worse the trash.

Their excuses? They FEAR of losing the collective masculinity and their Russian traditional identity and be colonised because of a 'western-imported' gay culture.

Well, let me tell you all Russian homophobes - the real strength of a culture lies in its ability to merge and transform all outside influences in an original, unique way. Take the positive aspects of anything that is imported and leave out the rest!

P.S. To all my Russian readers (I know you guys are out there), be safe and may God bless you all xxx

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