Thursday, April 23, 2015

Guilty Pleasure...

April 23 is Saint George's Day and what's best to celebrate the National Saint's Day of England than showcasing a tall, hairy, and very muscular English lad from English Lads!

21-year-old Tom Hardy (do not mix him up with the equally smoking HOT English actor Tom Hardy) has a handsome, young looking face on a super-fit body that makes you think he would be mid-twenties!

And yes, he might be slightly shy to begin with, but a few complements from the cameraman soon has him way more comfortable, and luckily for you, the less he has on, the more comfortable he becomes!

1 comment:

b3nc0 said...

I'm so glad (excited should I say) to see his hairy chested self again, in the last video-clip I saw with him, he was hairless, not trimmed, not pretendingly-unkempt not-so-close shaven, but frighteningly hairLESS‼
Though I don't know which came first this photoset or the video?_?
Can I /really/ rejoice in the hair growing back or is it just an echo from the past?…
Thanks anyway ^////^