Wednesday, July 08, 2015

I'm Old, Not Obsolete...

Just saw Terminator: Genisys at the cinema and I was actually really surprised on how much I enjoyed this movie, and it's definitely, without doubt, the second best Terminator to Judgement Day!

Was it a great movie? No, but it's a fun summer blockbuster. The plot was actually kinda interesting because it's basically a mix of Terminator 1 and 2. Sadly it did start to get a bit confusing and stupid near the end. The action sequences in this movie were all good and exciting! It's over the top in a good way. I really liked the one sequence where the old Arnold fought against his younger self, I thought it's nostalgic and awesome to watch.

The cast also did a great job, Arnold (of course!), Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke and Jai Courtney, take a bow - a massive applause to you all!


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