Monday, October 12, 2015

Absolutely Appalling...

Last week, I watched a documentary on Channel 4 called Unreported World, which revealed that electroshock therapy and other treatments to 'cure' homosexuality are still being offered in some Chinese hospitals although such treatments have no scientific basis and a Chinese court last year ruled such treatments to be illegal.

Yes, I understand the whole Chinese family values of getting married, having grandchildren, and passing on the gene/surname/whatever doesn't always go hand in hand with homosexuality, but using illegal, inhumane, non-scientific 'treatment' on my gay brothers and sisters is just WRONG in so many levels! As a Chinese myself, I feel so ashamed and sickened by all of this. And the saddest of all is the fact that the Chinese Government is still in big denial when it comes to gay rights, homophobia or being gay is just normal.


Leon said...

Actually, it's getting a lot better. This is really last years news, but it takes a long time for stuff to get out of the mainland. The government is working to shut this stuff down.

Now about your website... wow... not sure what to say... not really the you I've met in real life!

b3nc0 said...

I just watched 'How gay is Pakistan' on BBCthree, and the narrator went from "My, if this hood is any indication (he was in a transvestite prostitution street of some sort - but none of this was considered homosexual!) Pakistan is pretty tolerant…" to "That's too gruesome to show on TV‼" in a nanosecond after seeing a video of a teenager being beaten and sodomised with sticks after he was found "in the company of his friend". He was gonna be thrown down a cliff hadn't a bystander objected loud enough!
So I guess, many countries still have ways to go in LGBTQ rights.