Thursday, October 01, 2015


Still alive! To be honest, I wasn't busy at all this week, I've just been too lazy (and watching way too much Netflix) to update this blog. Yes, I know I'm naughty and I need to be spanked, whipped or handcuffed!

Anyway, I went to a boylesque called Briefs: The Second Coming at the South Bank Centre's London Wonderground on Sunday night, and I swear this was one of the most outrageously brilliant shows I'd ever seen in my entire life!

To summarise, an trashy fun evening with a winning formula of camp, fierce, sassy, sexy comedy and circus and very very gorgeous BOYS!


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b3nc0 said...

You obviously had a neat time! (and the show must have been interesting too) ;°P

My dad left me his riding crop (though I only rode when I was a wee lad [HA!] during summer holidays at my uncle…[rant-rant-rant]) do you think it could be enough for your admonition? Ho, I have matching short leather gloves too! *wink-wink nudge-nudge seewhaddamean*