Monday, November 16, 2015


I'm curious how many guys sleep naked, with pajamas or wearing something else (just underwear, t-shirts, etc). For me, a pair of briefs and a t-shirt most of the time but if it's cold, maybe some pajama bottoms. I only like to sleep naked when I have the warm body of someone next to me and I miss it a BIG time =[

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pray For The World...

It's not Paris we should pray for. It's the WORLD. It's a world in which Beirut, reeling from bombings two days before Paris, is not covered in the press. A world in which a bomb goes off at a funeral in Baghdad and not one person's status update says, 'Baghdad', because not one white person died in that fire.

Pray for the world that blames a refugee crisis for a terrorist attack. That doesn't pause to differentiate between the attacker and the person running from the very same thing you are. Pray for a world where people walking across countries for months, their only belongings upon their backs, are told they have no place to go.

Say a prayer for Paris by all means, but pray more, for the world that doesn't have a prayer for those who no longer have a home to defend. For a world that is falling apart in all corners, and not simply in the towers and cafes we find so familiar.