Saturday, January 02, 2016

Only Love...

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE and I'd like to start off 2016 by sharing a brave and positive message to all my readers!

Ryan Mahon, a gay man in London, began his 2016 by posting a heroic video onto his Facebook Friday morning, which he said occurred around 5am on New Year's Day when he witnessed a homophobic passenger shouting verbal abuse at a drag queen on the Tube after celebrating New Years with his friends.

And guess what? These THINGS are still happening in the heart of London! I understand we all have our opinion, but if you can't refrain from insulting someone you barely know in public based on their religion, sexual identity, gender, or race, then you are an idiot! Oh, and for your information, God only loves and never hates!

On another point, Ryan pointed out that, "the most disappointing thing of all, however, was that on an entire Tube full of witnesses to what was happening I was the only one who spoke out. I understand it's 5am on New Years and most people just wanted their bed or a toilet to be sick in but all I know is that if anyone was on the receiving end of such disgusting behaviour they would want somebody to stand up for them."

Come on Londoner! You can do better than that!

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