Tuesday, April 05, 2016

In The Blue...

In The Blue by Kelly Clarkson 

From your experience, how long does it take to get over someone?

I've been keeping minimal contact with Peter Pan since September last year as he's in a new relationship and I've done a lot in the last eight months to get him off my mind - changing jobs, meeting friends, going on holiday and dating but without much luck, sad to say. Anyway, we met up 3 weeks ago to watch the premiere of this year's Londoon LGBT Film Festival (which I'll save it for another post). We had a good catch up, watched the movie and went for a drink afterward. Everything went well, until at one point, I saw him texting presumably his boyfriend by calling him 'sweetie'. My heart sank, my gut twisted into a knot and mixed emotions rushed through me - I THOUGHT I GOT OVER HIM... I GUESS I DIDN'T and I'm just sad that he moved on. Fast.

Of course, I just carried on as nothing happened and ended the night with a hug. He sent me a message the morning after to thank me for inviting him to the movie. I didn't reply. Then on Easter, he sent me another message to wish me Happy Easter, which I didn't reply either.

Honestly, I need a longer time to get over Peter Pan. Kelly Clarkson is right, I know he'll always has a little piece in my heart BUT I can't living on the memory. I need to put my feet back on the ground and hopefully one day I won't miss him and stop looking for him in the crowd.

Thank you Kelly x

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